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Step 4

Setting up the touchscreen

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Friday 6 May 2016, by Benoît

This step is shorter than the previous ones.

We have network, X, yet we still need a mouse to use gnome. This isn’t ideal for an UMPC configuration. So let’s get the touchscreen working.

To do this, we’ll open a root console. Configure your keyboard if needed. Proceed with the touchscreen part as follows (adapt the wget to the right file form ideacom):

cd /usr/src; mkdir touchscreen; cd touchscreen/


tar -zxvf IDC_Linux_3_1_0.tar.gz


select the PS/2 choice (option 2) and reboot.

Get a root terminal in X, and calibrate the device. You may want to install xpdf and read the manual!

What you need is to type in as root:


That’s all needed here, happy touchscreen usage!